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Sunday, March 12, 2006 

चटपटा रायपुर ! Delicious Raipur

A glutton's paradise, Raipur is open for those who have little money in the pocket. This city has many places where sumptuous snacks are available at affordable prices. If you happen to be a Raipurian and do not know these places, shame on you! ( These embarrsed Raipurians should actualy thank this blog! )
See what not has this city has to offer:
Budget Breakfast:
When at central India, the first breakfast which comes to your mind is Poha. All homes probably consume Poha every morning as there breakfast. It is easy to cook. Raipur has two Poha shops, One at the old us standand other at the Phool Chowk.
Old Bus Stand: Sahu Jalebi Bhandar is the historical place for hot Jalebis and all time Poha. This man started with a small shop there some thirty years ago, then there was situated the Bus stand of Raipur, now the bus stand and its comuters have moved to a new place called Pandri, but for for the lovers of Poha-Jalebi, the destination hasn't changed. Open from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. Phool Chowk: A man opens his Poha shop in the morning. his Poha is spicy and these days attracts more people than the Sahu jalebi Bhandar. Morning 7 to 9, you see many cars and bikes parked there. Even those who go for for a morning walk, prefer for a breakfast here.
Sambhar Bada:
At Sadar Bazar: An old man opens his temporary shop on the raod there, morning and evening. His crucnhy bada is so tasty that it beats any great south Indian cook's easily. People literaly queue for there turn of Sambhar bada. Sometimes the stock finishes, then seems he as a kitchen neary so within minutes again the stock is full. But people do not wait, they pass the time with the Idli available. Although his Idli is not that great.
I have two places for you; one is Deep-Rupa Restaurant near City Kotwali. This is also good for Idli and Sambhar Bada. The otrher place is Satti Bazar, near Hansa Book Depot Satti Bazar is the ook market of the city.
Bubbly Bhel-Puri:
Simple. All school gates! The best, though, is at St. Paul's School.
Gup-Chup (Pani-Puri ):
Phool Chowk again. In the evening at the Mathura Wasi Chat Bhandar.

Hitendra, good to see your page about eating places. I loved Girnar near Jaistambh Chowk because my parents used to take me there and we loved the old man in front. I loved Manju Mamata which was near Jairam Talkies. Of course Natthu's Kulphi at Malviya Road was great. I also loved pastries from Raipur Provision Store. I lived there until 1985 and have visited very infrequently, so my info may be a bit dated. You mentioned St. Pauls school. I studied there.

Thank You Very Much Mr. Anonymous.
I studeied at SS Kalibadi School.

what about vivekanand ashram's Pav Bhaji n Pulao??? they are awesome too... then there is catchori and mugori shop infront of kotwali chowk malvee road entrance :))... there also they serve gajar ka Halwaa anf falooda... ne ways it has been past 5 years tht I had these things as I am not there... but if they are still threre pls test and mention about them too :))

hi hitendra whn i read chatpata raipur really each places comes infront of my eyes. sahu jalebi or sambar bada at sadar manju mamta, pav bhaji lauries at M.G Road. it was delicious mate. I studied from St. Paul's School.... Every places like civil line , shanker nagar, gitanjli nagar, tagore nagar, shailendra nagar these are marvellous places. Nw a days m in australia but mate m msng my home my raipur.. thnx a lot

Post about some non-veg hotels in Raipur

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